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At Genesis Health Inc., our relentless dedication, integrity, and passion for robust healthcare systems drive us to achieve excellent healthcare solutions for our business consulting and medical clients. As a business that focuses on healthcare, we understand the critical relationship between the health of a nation and its growth potential.


International Experience

We bring over 40 years of combined international experience in medical practice to the Nigerian healthcare industry. By leveraging the knowledge and depth of experience from the United States, we bridge the healthcare gap between the developed and developing worlds.


Cultural Fit

Our team is made of a diverse group of healthcare experts including those with cultural and educational background from Nigeria. Our clients can trust us to understand and speak the cultural mores that underline important business relationships in Nigeria. We speak the language; we know your needs.


A Collaborative Approach

Healthcare management experts at Genesis Health Inc. work closely with the clients to plan, develop and implement robust strategies that will result in higher productivity and value.


Customized Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to all business problems. You are unique therefore our solutions are well thought through and unique to your situation. For any healthcare related problem ranging from daily patient care to clinical workforce planning, we listen to you and walk you through the optimal solution.


Our Philosophy

We regard ourselves as a company with integrity and deep sense of purpose. All healthcare consulting and management interactions with our client are backed by this philosophy. This sets us apart from others and continues to be the bedrock of our success as a healthcare management consulting company.